[CLOSED] Volix Studios (UI and Jr Scripter needed)

Hello fellow Developers, I am Bignose owner of Volix Studios, a roblox veteran known for GFX/UI and Project management. I’ve been working with major roblox studios helping them as a Developer/Project manager.

We are making a strategy based FPS game, which has the perfect amount of lore, action and SWAG you need to get those high production game experiences. and so we need your help creating those experiences. Our development team is pretty much filled but we still need some developers like you, past experiences or super good looking showcase isn’t a must here, If you think you got what it takes to be a passionate developer feel free to apply.


Project manager-(1/1)
Creative officer-(1/1)
Ast. creative officer-(1/1)
General manager- (1/1)

Lead Developers
Environment/terrain artist-(1/1)
Blender Animators-(2/2)
UI-(1/2) :green_circle:
3D modelling-(1/1)

Assistant Developers(% only)

Scripter-(0/1) :green_circle:
Studio animator-(1/1)
Sound Composition-closed until alpha released

Builder-can work with terrain, create clean looking build with less parts to decrease lag.
Scripter-can script guns, script killler+follow bots, create global leaderstats, use datastorage, make avatar text headers.
UI-can create futuristic, clean looking UI with NO PARTS OR ASSETS BEING STOLEN FROM THE INTERNET.


I have planned to pay with %, but if the game doesn’t do well we’ve got a 40K R$ backup to ensure payment.

Sure this isn’t a huge amount considering the entire game, so that’s why we’re going to have a few voluntary positions which will only be paid if the game performs well (more info under Positions).

Read before applying

Must have

  • 2+ months experience with roblox development
  • 13+ age (For discord)
  • Discord account
  • Trello account
  • Past work
  • 5+ month old roblox account

Nice to have

  • people/groups you’ve worked for
  • Devforum member
  • Roblox veteran account
  • Devforum portfolio

Getting inspiration is cool but stealing isn’t
This game has the potential, and so good production quality will boost the chances of us succeeding and so we’re finding passionate Developers.
all the assets should be created from scratch any free models/stolen items will get you kicked out of the team, and will remove your work for the group.

all the helpers, contributors and developers will be credited in game OR group description.

Contact us

Join our hiring server to apply - Discord

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