[CLOSED] Warfront | Hiring Tester/s

About Us

Hi there! We are Photon Studios, a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for dedicated focused Tester(s) to work with us on our new game, Warfront!

The Team

@DigitalRock023 - Founder / GFX Designer
@Saldor010 - Scripter

Yep… just the 2 of us…

This is our current project in Development: 🤖 Warfront 🤖 - Roblox

Here is our previous project: Car Madness - Roblox

About The Job

Why are we looking for testers here? I know that for a fact, finding an efficient hard working tester can be difficult. Which is why I’ve made this post here

We are looking for a Tester/Testers to join our Development Team and give us constant feedback on several fields of the game, one of which now being the Enemy Spawn system and Map Design. We will provide you the needed information in order for your testing session to be effective. We expect you to be testing frequently, preferably daily and give us your initial thoughts for game improvements.

Example of our game's Theme



Because of our low budget, we will not immediately be paying out volunteers, however, we do have a negotiable backup payment depending on your efficiency of Testing if the game fails. Again, will be talked about through Discord.

Contact Us

You may contact me here on discord: DigitalRock#5659

In terms of getting the role, I expect that you have a good sense of English and that you have good knowledge of game design in several aspects, as well as playing the game at least once if you feel confident about this role. I also suggest that your 13 Years or older

Thanks for reading! and I look forward to further discussion :slight_smile:


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