[CLOSED] Weapons Specialist Needed


Currently looking for a weapons specialist

Looking for applicants that are skilled in modeling all things weapons (fps genre).


  • Must be skilled in blender or any equivalent 3d modeling software.
  • Must have basic/extensive knowledge on fps genre weapons as well as their real life counterparts.
  • Non skilled applicants will not be considered.


  • 1 Year stake on undisclosed game (15%+)
  • After 1 year, undetermined lump sum will be rewarded upwards of $#,###
  • Can be negotiated if preferred


Discord: wravager#2714 (Preferred)
Twitter: @wravager

Discussion below centered around payment will be ignored


Are the hashtags intended? If not it is censored for me.


He’s saying you will be paid a sum of 4 figures.


Oh I see. Should have realised from the “undetermined” part… :grimacing:


What style of weapons are you wanting? Ultra low poly? Low poly? medium poly (~15k tris or less)?


High-poly, ~1:1


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