[CLOSED] Weather System Needed! [150K R$!]

Hello there. We own a decently popular game called Era Of Terror, which is a game that involves survival as a dinosaur on a harsh island environment. We have been working to make this game the absolute best it could possibly be on ROBLOX, and if you want to check it out, here’s a link.

Our game has an atmosphere that demands realism. As such, we are looking to invest this immense amount of robux into a professionally-made weather system. Although we can go into much further detail on contact, this is the complete summary of what we want:

A fully-functioning, photorealistic, region-based weather system that can function with minimal lag. This weather must include:

  • Sunny
  • Partially Cloudy
  • Cloudy
  • Drizzle
  • Heavy rain
  • Thunderstorm (With and without rain)

Weather has to smoothly transition between one another as it would in real life. It also must behave in a realistic manner. This means that if there is a thunderstorm happening in one region, it shouldn’t be perfectly sunny in the other. We also want the ambient and fogend to realistically transition as they would in real life. It should probably be mentioned now that we have a custom day and night system that already changes the ambience, fogend, and fogcolor. This will need to be bypassed. Weather also shouldn’t change the ambience, fogend, or fogcolor during the night.

Payment is 150,000 robux through group payout in the EOT group. Further details can be provided upon contact.

We mainly work through Discord, so if you are interested in the job, contact Aliens#7024 . Please show a portfolio after your friend request has been accepted, and you will be selected if your work is deemed to fit our style.

Note: The only assets we can provide are lightning textures.


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