[CLOSED] Wildflower Entertainment is hiring a scripter!

Hello! We are Wildflower Entertainement. We strive to provide a space for creators and developers to work together in order to create great products in the form of games! We hope you see you as part of our team soon, so please keep scrolling if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Wildflower entertainment is still relatively new, but we still have big goals. However, everything great has once started small. So to build our portfolio and our team, we are now accepting applications to join our wonderful development team! We are currently hiring the following positions :

  • Scripter // Writes scripts to make the game functional

If you plan to apply, please have a portfolio on hand. We do ask that if you apply that you must be over the age of thirteen, just to make sure that any problems regarding maturity and our team will be avoided. Please dm yuhyuhyuh#9958 on discord if you have ANY questions or concerns about joining us!

If you’d like to apply, please reply below to this forum with your portfolio or dm yuhyuhyuh#9958 on discord with your portfolio.

Wildflower Entertainment has been developing our first story based game from the end of May to the present. Now, all we need is a scripter to help wrap and tie our game together.

Payment will be based on percentage. Now I know that it may be hard to work on a percentage basis, however, keep in mind that our game currently has 3k robux in funding waiting to be spent on ads. We have also been given an opportunity to advertise and pitch our game on TheDevKing’s channel. This event may end up in us receiving over 50k robux for advertising and assets. If you have any questions or concerns please leave them below!


@lonelycoast do you need low ploy modeller or who can desing maps here i am

Hint of my work
Twitter - Dily_Yt
Discord- dily76#5304
Im gfx designer to
Here is that work of my

Contact me for more

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Sent you a friend request so we can talk more! Love your work :slight_smile:

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Dumb question, so sorry in advance-- Would management positions be paid or is it not a paid thing? Either way, I wish you luck! :+1:

It would be a paid thing! :slight_smile:

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im also a low poly modeler who can make something like this (contact if needed me to make props or something like that)

and this

contact me on discord
Moods cheese#7993
or twitter

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Added you on discord, Josip_V#9247!

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Hello! I am a builder and can help your game! You can contact me via discord: laughingeevees#8659. Will be excited to work with you soon.

Portfolio: https://hn1999rr.wixsite.com/laughingeeveesbuild

Edit: I added you.

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Hello, my name is Dirt, I am looking at the job for PR and Management, I have tons of experience in this type of department. Discord; Dirt#0001. Twitter; Dirt_Its. Then here.

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Hi there! I’ve sent you a friend request! I look forward to talking to you!

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Contacted you all! :slight_smile: (30 characters woops)

Sent a friend request!! 30 chars

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Hello everyone! Just as an update, we are unfortunately filled completely on the builder positions. If you are interested in becoming a manager or a scripter feel free to apply :slight_smile:



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