[CLOSED] WisdomClock - Builder & Scripter Portfolio


Hello, I am WisdomClock. I am a 18 years old developer from Croatia. I have contributed to various games and worked with few known developers. I am also known in the ancient genre as one of few tech developers.


Game made within 24 hours for a group gamejam:

My current project:

Finished project placed in an ancient genre:

Building system made as a challenge, not polished:
(Similiar to Bloxburg)

One of many comissions I have done:


Most of my buildings are purely for my games and they are all simple yet pretty. This is because I want the game to run smoothly without any problems for computer or mobile devices.

4 8 9 10

Gif examples of my work:


I am currently unemployed and I do commissions to pay for my rent, which means I should be online in ECT timezone. I tend to stay awake.


Payment is negotiable, I prefer Paypal.


Via Discord: WisdomClock#2609


Great work man just to say did you have a team help you or it was just you, keep up the awesome work.


WisdomClock is an amazing developer. I have seen his work several times and it is outstanding. ScriptersCF hosted a game jam and he won the prize.

The game quality exceeded my expectations even though he only had 24 hours. He is also great with comminicating. If you need someone who is reliable, hard working I’d definitely recommend WisdomClock.


Thanks! It was a solo project, wanted to have some fun!

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Alright keep it up

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I have worked closely with WisdomClock for the past 3 years, and I can wholeheartedly recommend him and his work. He is quick and produces high quality assets, in both scripting and building. We have worked together on many projects and he has never once lost motivation or put off work.

As well as that, he is adaptable and is happy to learn new things or work on any sort of project. I have seen him build new skills from the ground up, and he is happy to practice new building or scripting styles until he gets them right (although he hates OOP in lua lol). He is very concerned with lag and optimizing for mobile devices, and I find his best building style is low-poly and simplistic, while still looking good and having its own style. He is also capable of creating gritty realistic or high definition builds however, and with his knowledge of scripting he can easily work alongside scripters to make sure maps are compatible with any systems you might need.

He also has very spicy memes.


I’d like to mention that daireb also has some pretty good memes.

You got accepted? That’s awesome, welcome!

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What a suprise, right?