[CLOSED] Wisenful | Builder & Environmental Artist

My name is wisenful! I’m a Builder & Environmental Artist. I have joined the community 7 years ago and started developing in 2018. Throughout my developing career I have contributed to many different games and projects associated with Roblox.

I specialize in creating terrain by using tools, such as Roblox Terrain Editor and meshes. I use Gaea, Blender and other applications to form and generate the desired terrains.


‘Campfire Scene’

‘Wess Region’

‘SkyPort Arctic Destination’

‘SkyPort Desert Destination’

SkyPort Jungle Destination

‘Icelandic Coast Scene’

‘Islands Scene’

‘Castle Scene’

‘Battlefield Scene’

‘Enchanted Forest’

‘Snowy Biome’




‘School is Hell’

‘The Maze’

‘Construction Site’

‘Horror Hotel’

‘Teams: Capture the Flag’

‘Stud Island’

UGC Work

My timezone is MSK + 1.
I’m available from 3 to 7 hours during the weekends and from 2 to 5 hours during the weekdays. You can contact me any time you would prefer.

The preferable payment method is USD, but I do accept Robux as well.

Group Funds only, I do not accept robux via T-Shirts, Limiteds or any of that stuff.

All prices are negotiable. You will only receive the file with the whole build after the whole sum is paid out.

I do prefer Discord more, but there are other ways we are able to communicate. You can contact me via:

DevForum: @wisenful
Discord: bewiitchd
Twitter: wisenful


I have been working with Wisenful for a while now, he is a passionate, fast and talented developer. Be sure to hire him!! :fire: :muscle:


Thank you so much! I appreciate that.


He has been working for us and he’s been a great developer and helper for us! Definitely hire him if you need an excellent builder :+1:


In the time I’ve worked with Wisen, I’ve only seen phenomenal work! Insanely talented and pumps out the best products in short periods of time. Highly recommend hiring him, he’s really fun to work and collaborate with!

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I’ve known Wisenful for a few years and I hired him for lots of different building & 3D modelling tasks on three games with my development team.

He is an excellent worker, a reliable & highly efficiency worker.
I am highly satisfied with his service! I would recommend hiring Wisenful! :smile:

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Absolutely amazing,
I like how you can do low poly terrain and create cartoony assets, but what surprises me more is when you can show that you are also able to do advance stuff like shown in the survivor builds. It’s good that your able to do both and that probably allows you to create something extra amazing, great job!

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Hi Wise! I’ve sent you a Discord request. BrisDeveloper#3931

[Updated] New Translation Section which contains examples of my Translation Skills. More games have been translated.



i love your work! i would hire you but i’m looking for a realistic builder. have a nice day though!

Thank you! And no problems, have a good day.

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hey! you are super talented! i am interested in your building and 3D modeling services, but i don’t think you’d be interested in a percentage. if you are interested in the percentage and you want to hear more about the game please add me and message me on discord. phorba#838

Great portfolio! I worked with him for some time now, not only does he have a great work ethic and attitude- but he delivers with what he’s set out to make! :heart:

I commissioned Wisenful for a translation commission - really happy with his service as throughout the work, he frequently asked me what certain sentences meant in my game so that he could translate them correctly. If you need a Russian translator, he’s the guy for the job! :grin:

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I am making a Hangout to get donations to donate the Hospitals and I would like you to cooperate with me.
My discord is xdavidprorealreal#4953
Hope you could help me.

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Very nice work. Goodluck lad. I suggest adding more to your portfolio if you have any as well.

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Portfolio Updated!


  • Improved design, credits to @Lugical
  • Brand new showcases added!
  • More ways to get in touch with me!
  • Removed everything connected with translation.

I’m NOT for hire at the moment, I will be adding more and more works in the future!
I will inform if I will be ready to accept commissions.


Portfolio Updated!


  • Brand new maps added!
  • Included new information about the prices.
  • New section: ‘Models & Assets’ added in Showcase.
  • ‘Low Poly’ renamed to ‘Maps’ and ‘Mid Poly’ renaimed to ‘Terrain’.

More works will be added in the future! Planning to open my commissions today, will announce that here and in my Twitter.

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Portfolio Updated!

  • Commissions opened!

I’m finally for hire! Contact me on DevForums, Discord or Twitter, links can be found at the top! :relaxed:

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Portfolio Updated!

  • Commissions closed!

Thanks to all of those who commissioned me! I do not really think I will open my commissions any time soon, but I will let you know if I decide to open them once again.

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