[CLOSED] Wizard's Tales Hiring Experienced Scripter

About Us

Hello, I’m Kazurei and I’ll be speaking on behalf of the upcoming development group, ReValve. We are currently looking to create a simulator game that’ll hopefully, if not be on, the front page.

The Team
I handle building, 3D modeling, animation, and UI design.
Currently in need of a scripter to join the team.

About The Job

We are looking for a experienced programmer who is consistent and manageable in their work. Should be able to work at least 5 days, if not all 7 days, of the week and progress should be evident. We would prefer someone who would stay apart of the team during the duration of our progress. Meaning future updates, but this is optional.

Our game will be very similar to the front paged simulator, Ninja Legends.
The leading difference would be that instead of ninja-based content, we’ll be utlizing wizard-based content. Meaning magic and whatnot.

Take note that magic will just be particles shooting from out of a tool. There will not be any custom particles or any complexity outside of basic shooting.


We are willing to pay up 100k robux for the fully scripted game.
Can also be converted to the DevEx equivalent of $350 USD
For future updates, we’ll be negotiating depending on the task provided.
Will most likely be a minimum of 25k per update. Could be more.
Or, additional percentage could also be negotiated.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or discord is also welcome.
Discord: Gloomy#4401


Would you be willing to negotiate a percentage along with the 100k upon game completion?

Some percentage may be negotiated after the completion of the game.

add me in my discord I don’t know how to do scripting but I could translate your game for the Latino community. My name of Discord is Nicolas DEV # 4794

Your discord doesn’t seem to work, can you send it again without spaces?

(Nicolás DEV#4794) that’s my discord

I already sent you my request. check your discord

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