[CLOSED] WolfTale Studios - For Less Experienced Dev's

New studio for less experienced developers

Submissions closed - will reopen once we need QA Testers.

For those who DM’ed me previously (@xBaggyBoi and @IntrepidDude ) my DMs are still open for you

The ‘deal’

Hello! I’m on the lookout to give less experienced developers a chance to collaborate and work on a great project. The project isn’t to make robux and money. But, to give the chance to work on developing skills, teamwork etc for those who are new to developing. That being said, I have some experience under my belt development wise but loads regarding management. With that, I’ll be more on the management side of things.

Desirable Team Members

I’m trying to aim for a team that is relaxed, friendly, confident, kind so we can kick this off in the best possible way. It would be great if you lived within Europe (close to the BST timezone) so we can work on the project together and be online together to talk etc… However, it’s not limited to that. I have a broken sleeping pattern so I should be able to keep up with you if you’re not within said timezone.

The plan

I have a few ideas about what game we can produce. However, we will hold a meeting once all the developers are on board and we can decide the full game. It is expected that the developers stay with WolfTale for a few months. (Long-term plan) Bare that in mind!

The Dream Team
@xfirstdan - Project Manager & Chief Executive
@olleuria - Deputy Project Manager
@Schedency - Scripter
@thunder_storm876 - Scripter
@Viotlas - Builder
@olleuria - Builder

Multiple scripters, composers, builders, UI developers may be entered into the team.

There is a possibility that I will require a QA team, but that won’t be needed until a beta version of the game is avilable.

Regarding Payment

I won’t be offering payment as of now as this project should be dedicated to learning, as mentioned in ‘The deal’. However, If the game does make sufficient revenue, developers will be paid. I hope this is understandable!

Contact Us

Contact me on the DevForums here by replying/ sending me a message.

Or, add me on Discord: dan#6198

When you DM and friend me, please state that you’re contacting me for WolfTale, I get too many DMs for other things

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day!


Pretty much to assist myself in regarding management within the studio. That being said, if I have to take a break for whatever reason, the Deputy Project Manager will take over for the time being.

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I’m quite interested!
My discord ID is SoalReaperCaptain#7773.
I don’t know what I specialize in very well so I hope you will help me on that :slight_smile:

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Will be sure to check it out! (30 chars)

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That’s perfectly alright. Shoot me a friend request and we can find out what you’re great at!

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Im interested! My discord is: Henrikowitz#2925

this is my portoflio: [Cheap Low Poly/Terrain] Midgaardsormen Builder Portfolio

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I’ve sent a request, MY discord is ZakrapGamingYT#8981

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Will check out your portfolio. Just accepted your friend request.

Accepted friend request (30 chars)

Alright! I hope you like it! (30 char)

Friend request sent (30 chars)

Hello, pretty interested as i’m a pretty new developer with little experience. I sent a request. Hope i can join the team! Discord is Dread_Co.#0545

I’m quite interested!
My Discord is IntrepidDude#5405.
I’m kind of good at scripting (specifically when scripting realistic things).

Hello! I am also interested in this. Please add me back: Baggo#8917. Thank you!

Im interested as a scripter
sent a request
user: TheUnderatedPotato#5908

Contacted @IntrepidDude, @xbaggyboi, @dreadpool06 on discord. Awaiting a response.

Builder spots are closed - currently going through all of those who wish to join the team.

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