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About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as an anti-exploit scripter. I specialize in anti-noclip, anti-speedhack, and I can help you set up your game to block basic exploits that are made specifically for your game, find and stop security vulnerabilities, I can set up a proper “Never trust the client” system for your game, and I can stop remote event vulnerabilities.


I can’t say what hours I am available on as each day is different for me. I am available Sunday - Thursday. You can contact me any time.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. My preferred payment method is Group funds.

For each asset I charge 100 robux. For me to set up something like a “Never trust the client system” for your game I charge 75 robux an hour. Prices are negotiable


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: x86_architecture#6444

If there is anything I missed or any information you need then don’t be afraid to tell me ;).

I can’t help you with anti-backdoor system(s)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I’d like more details on what a “never trust the client” system is. Do you use exploiter tools to search for remote event vulnerabilities in games?


Players / clients can change what is sent through remote events and lie to the server. So lets say you had a shop. When the player buys something the player sends how much money they have. Then if the money sent is more than or equal to the amount of cash the player sent then let them buy it. This is bad practice because players / clients can just exploit / change what is sent to the server, and lie. I can prevent this from happening by Making the server check to see if the player has enough cash (By checking the leaderstats. Instead of what was sent through the remote.)

I have a video on this (If you want to watch it Message me on the devforum).

So do you take the time to go through the game and change their systems around so that everything is server side, instead of client side? From that previous post it seems like you took the easy way out IMO. Checking the leaderstats instead. What if the game doesn’t use leader stats?

Or are you just offering consultation to go through the game and point out everything that needs to be fixed? Either way seems like things people can do themselves… especially the person who wrote the code.

So what exactly are you offering? Honestly for me to hire you’d need to write code that is equal or better to my own and my code is pretty up to standard and beautiful if you ask me (comments included). Otherwise is your services pointed towards beginners only? I gotta say I’m feeling a different motive behind all of this.

Edit: Just had a chance to check out the place. But I can’t tell if its really doing anything. Like the player has control over their position because they have network ownership. Using the same principles your tools could simply be teleporting the player back to their starting point after some conditions. May I suggest a better way to visualize this from the server’s point of view instead also with whatever activity the server is taking.

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The Discord NameTag is invalid. And, I would like to get in contact with you.

Yeah, sorry. I changed my username a while back and totally forgot about this… Give me a sec