[Closed] Yetaloz' Portfolio I Gun / Misc 3D Modeler

  • I’ve played roblox since 2014, And I switched between accounts various times but currently this is my main account.

  • I’m from Brazil. Bom te conhecer. :brazil:

  • I’ve Been into modelling since early 2019. But I’m still learning and I want to improve it by accepting people’s commissions.

Click here to open

  • Monday: 12:30AM to 10PM

  • Tuesday: 12:30AM to 10PM

  • Wednesday: 12:30AM to 10PM

  • Thursday 12:30AM to 10PM

  • Friday: 12:30AM to 1AM

  • Saturday: Totally free!

  • Sunday: 9AM to 10PM

(Note: I may close the commission temporarily sometimes for reasons like finals, too busy in school or resting)

  • My prices depend on how complicated or simple you want the models to be. I may accept prices between :robux_light:100 - :robux_light:1500. (per model)

  • You can also optionally give me a tip if you really like my job, I’d be pleased.

image Discord: Yetaloz#0659
image Twitter: https://twitter.com/yetaloz


There epic! Keep up the amazing work.

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Thank you! I appreciate your compliment!

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Hello, i wonder when you’ll reopened your coms again. i am interested in your work.