[CLOSED] Yolo | Builder Portfolio

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a builder. I specialize in building realistic models or anything realistic but I can say I’m also interested in map design. I have been building for 2.5 years on Roblox and I’m a member of Roblox Architects [RAR].


Here are some screenshots of my work


It depends totally on the schedule I have each day or whether I am home or not. But I should be able to work 3+ hours a day.


Prices depends on what you want me to build (negotiable). I only take robux as a payment method.


Best way to contact me is with discord. [CLOSED]

Thanks for reading!


Do you optimize your builds? How high are the part counts between each of your examples? They look great, but I am curious on how big they are.

I try to optimize them while keeping detail. For instance the second screenshot is 1,559 parts.

I love this! Great stuff, keep it up!

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