[CLOSED] Zero Games is hiring a scripter!

About Us

Hello there! I am Will! The current owner of Zero Games. I recently (Just a month ago I believe) bought ownership to Zero Games, formerly owned and founded by Hu_nds.

The Team
@DevWiII -Builder
@Fungo_Dev - Scripter
@ - Scripter

Here is one of our games here: Sipping Simulator

About The Job

We are looking for a talented Scripter to join our team and work with us on upcoming projects such as Cookie Simulator, and future projects that will heavily step out of Simulator games. (I don’t really want to continue making sims after Cookie Sim.)

We expect to get Cookie Simulator out soon. (Possibly next two months) We have no scripts currently set in place, but you may use all available recourses from past games.


We will pay % on a weekly basis to our Developers. This is my current plan:
Will (Me) - 40%
You (Depending on the work you provide, and how hard you work) - 50%
Other contributors - 10%

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at wiII#7563
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

I will provide more images and work in DMs. Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Some additional info that might be wanted that didn’t come to my mind when writing this:
image 1,000 Members.
And we’ve made more than 40k Robux in the past year. And I plan to double this at least this year.

A question about the pay and set goals.

  • What is the other scripter’s percentage?
  • Where do you see “cookie simulator” in the next year or two?
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i am interested in scripting. do you have discord?

Since there are two scripters, how will work be divided?

The other scripter doesn’t have a current payment, as he has been on vacation and working on his own projects in his free time, so I have no reason to pay him as of now; I’m also not sure if he’s going to stay in the group.

I see it getting updates every 2 weeks with at least 200 daily users playing.

Not sure. The other scripter has been busy as he is managing his own 2 studios, and working with his friend on another. I’m also unsure if he’s going to stay in Zero Games.

My Discord is wiII#7563 :slight_smile:

Added you on Discord. I will see you there.

thanks, i sent a friend request, hope to hear back soon

Hey everyone! Thank you for all of your interest in becoming a Developer! But I have come to the final decision to hire @bronsonman. So I am no longer looking for Developers. And again, thank you all for showing interest in this position.

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