(Closed)[160 USD] Hiring Simulator Scripter

Hello, I am building a simulator and need to hire a scripter to see my dream come to reality. The pay would be 160 USD via Paypal. You will need to be able to script a shop, datastores, timed events, bosses, boss battle, viewports, UI as well as the basic Simulator stuff. To apply send a message with your portfolio to GoldenEye#4063 on Discord. All builds are finished and the game is partially (10ish %) scripted. The ideal release date is 6/20/20. Payment would be upon completion of work to motivate people to stay the whole project instead of leaving halfway through.


  • GOOD communications
  • ability to script the task listed above (in a timely manner)
  • Discord
  • Paypal
  • Portfolio/ game that shows your skills

Thanks in advance.


Hey, I sent you a FR through discord and sent a message, DevTops#9999. I believe I could help out!

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Hello, I sent you a FR on discord, Josh123#0001. I specialize in simulators and can make satisfy you with my work.

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