[CLOSED][2000 - 3000 ROBUX] Finding a GFX designer to make illustrations of a PVZ game



The things that we need:

1. One icon
2. Three thumbnails
3. Two Advertisements

All of them should be in a very cartoonish manner with bright color schemes such as pink and blueish-green, orange and blue.

You can take screenshots in game but it must not include any GUI.
However, it is better if you just draw them out.

It is preferred to use photoshop.


All of them together is ranged from 2000 to 3000 robux depending on your quality.
We may reject your art work if it is not desirable so be ready to send us bad quality previews with a ton lot of water-marks


Tipic_faker#4166 for discord
QQ 3014476406
Tel +65 9040 8447

You must have at least 10 years old to apply for this commission

EDIT: It would be great if you can also help me write a good game description lol i cannot write

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