[CLOSED][20K R$] Hiring 3D Artist | Icon | Tower Defenders

Hello fellow developers! I’m the founder & owner of Dreamers, and solo-developer of Tower Defenders. A tower defense in alpha that’s made it to the front page & top rated several times with +20m plays!. :grin:

The Job

I am looking for a 3D artist to create a rendered 3d scene with awesome lighting and post-processing effects. This will be for a a spectacular game icon alike the ones we have already had made for TD.

The character in question, Augur Solis

Tower Defenders - Augur Soleis, Interpreter of The Sun - YouTube

The tower has no rig and does not move. Aside from twitching his eye, blinking, and gazing around.

Here’s the game if you want to familiarize yourself. (Optional, but recommended)

  • The style is exactly the same quality, style, level of detail as our current thumbnail.
Current Thumbnail

  • The pose would ideally be just like in the picture of Augur Solis above. Him being centered in the scene. But I’m open to other creative ideas you may have!

Payment & Scheduling

  • 20K Robux, Group Payout, or 70$ through Paypal

  • Negotiable

  • Schedule flexible, deadline is one (1) week

I would be happy to discuss scheduling, business, and any further information or questions you have about the job on any of the handles below.


  • My Discord Tag: Joey#5758 :link:

  • My Roblox Profile :link:

  • Dreamers Discord Link: Jthj8Mp :link:

  • Dreamers Group :link:

Thank you for reading, happy developing! :wave:


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