[Closed][$250-$500 USD] Iron Seas is hiring an advanced Scripter!

[Open][$250-$500 USD] Iron Seas is hiring an advanced Scripter!
:anchor:IRON SEAS - Hiring a New Scripter! :anchor:

Iron Seas is our upcoming naval warfare game which will bring the full-scale warship experience to life. It is a massive multiplayer, round-based game that focuses on the best aspects of action-packed naval combat.

Here is a clip of our most recent test of the combat system and other in-game images.

Our Past Experience:

DevVine Studios is the game development studio behind the biggest Naval Roleplaying community here on Roblox, NRPC.

The Job

You will be scripting the main menu and the different surrounding features that are required. All GUIs will be provided in a non-programmed state, part of the job will be animating and scripting the GUIs. The biggest parts are:

  • Tech Tree
  • Shop
  • Inventory
  • Currency & EXP + Datastores
  • General ship viewing

Here are some screenshots of the premade user interface:

More details will be provided on contact along with the UI.

Desired Traits

  • Strong grasp of Roblox API.
  • Solid familiarity with datastore and server-side security.
  • Discord & Microphone (Available for team calls etc).

Compensation & Payment

Pay will be negotiable. Est. $250-$500 USD, based on your prior experience.

Payment will be delivered via PayPal.

You shall be given credit in the form a group and Discord role, along with credits in the description and the UI.

Once accepted, you will also receive an invitation to the Iron Seas Development team.


For more details and queries, you can contact us via Discord. (8miner8 & Legenderox)

Discord - Miner#9947

Thank you very much.


I’ve sent you a friend request Username: 3MASTER9#6327

Just a warning to scripters, 250-500 sounds like a lot, but you need to take into account your time, you will be doing a good amount of work and the amount of hours you’ll be spending on the project depends on your skill level. But I would recommend calculating your expected hourly wage. I would only do this is you think that your personal wage is above $10, you want to be making atleast close to minimum wage.

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The position still has not been filled. It is still open!

I am intressed my discord is HarryMcFlury#8910

Hey I am interested I sent you a request on discord, my discord is Lyte#1857

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