[CLOSED!]2D-Graphics Portofolio

About Me

Hello there! I am a graphics designer. Mostly 2D-Graphics. I do have some good experience in photoshop. I also have reasonable prices. Now don’t expect that if i put maximum of 900 robux you will have to pay 900 robux. Not in this case. I usually charge 300 robux let’s say for a logo but if you pay in real money(Paypal) I would charge less. Game thumbnails are a bit more expensive but not much. I am 14 and you should defently check the stuff that i make!


Here is some of my work and prices.


I am pretty much available all the time!


You can see my prices in the Showcase tab but just as you know i charge less if payed with PayPal.


I only use Discord.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: