[Closed!]Cyber-Studios is Hiring a Professional Animator [2,000R +]

About Us

We are Cyber-Studios, a small game studio focused on creating new and impressive games for the Roblox platform. Our first project is a realistic horror game.

About the Job

We are looking to hire a professional animator to join our team and create a couple of animations for us when we need them. We are looking for someone who creates realistic and smooth animations.

The animation (s) is for a monster. They will include assets such as:
Falling to the ground
Grabbing animation
And others if we need them.

You won’t be required to make multiple animations if you don’t want to. If you decide to make all the animations, there will be a wait until we ask you to start due to us still developing the game.


Ah, yes, the juicy stuff. We will be paying per animation with group funds. We are willing to pay up to 2,000R for each animation, however, the price will vary with each animation.


You must 13 plus and have at least 1 year of animation experience. You must have examples and past work to show us.


You can contact me on the Dev Forum or Discord (Prefered) at TMS Gaming#5630

Thank you for reading this and we look forward to chatting with you! :grin:


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