[CLOSED/FOUND] In Need of Audio and Music for Game

  • You will be making audio for a pet simulator-based game.

  • The audio will consist of:

    • A theme song for the game, 1-2 minutes in duration.

    • Cartoonish bird sound effect.

    • Bird eating noises.

    • Battle theme song for a PvP within the game, 20 seconds.

    • UI sound effects, like clicking noise, a swoosh noise when the UI drops down and up.

    • Evil bird noise, for the boss that players will fight.

Preferred Skills

  • Experience with audio mixing.

  • Experience with sound effects.

  • A sound cloud would be nice if you have previous experience with making music.

  • The payment is 25,000 R$ for the complete work.
  • Opportunity for more work. Ask any of my beloved developers, once they join, I will always ask them to come back for more work.

Discord: barbie#9637
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarbieBankz1
Or message me through developer forums.


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