[CLOSED]Hiring a builder to make an Interview Center

Interview Center Build For Ro - Mart

What is it for?
This job is for a small group called Ro - Mart. It’s a grocery store group
with 124 members. https://www.roblox.com/groups/4990963/Ro-Mart#!/about

About the job
We are looking for an experienced builder that can build an Interview Center in about a week. Someone will collaborate with you on the terrain.

I am looking for someone who would work for a 10$ Roblox gift card. However, depending on the quality of the build, I would be willing to pay more.

Ways to Contact Us
You can contact me through the Developer Forums or my Roblox account.

Have a good day!

Low poly or high poly interview center?

I prefer high poly, but low poly is also ok.

We have found a builder, thanks though. :grinning:

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