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About me

Good afternoon,

I am “TheArcticTurtle” a new project manager and game designer looking to get some experience to build a portfolio. I maintain a rather small development group named Arctic Turtle Studios, I have developed with Roblox for over 3 years in building and game design. I design large Trello boards with a game concept that would work perfectly, yet I’ve had a hard time in the past finding a team.*

Currently hiring a scripter
I’ve recently discovered a remarkably strong concept for a “Camping” like story game. We would prefer to have a more seasoned scripter as we would like the game to be more contemporary then it’s adversaries.** I have a complete Trello board and pitch for the game which I would favor not to release publicly.

You will be acquiring a 50% cut of the game’s income, a place on the credits to aid you in finding future employment, and potential later work with me.***

Contact me at Arctic#9520

Good luck applicants! :grinning:


*Make sure you will have time to create the game, don’t sign on if you think that something in real life might force you to drop out.

**Please have a complete portfolio prepared when you contact me.

***Our studio has a large collection of Robux from earlier games, we prefer not to give flat payments as we would like funds for advertisements.


What is a “camping” like story game?

Do you need a scripter who is designing NPCs, cutscenes, etc.? What are you looking for your scripter to be most proficient in (obviously everything is the most ideal, but that’s not always realistic)

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Thank you to all 12 of our applicants, we have decided on our scripter. :grin:

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