[CLOSED]Looking for a low poly modeler - 100k R$

Looking for a modeler

About the task

Hello, I am making a low poly RPG game about wizards.
I need a modeler who can make this in blender:

  • 3d armor / mage robes / suits / mob clothes / NPC clothes
  • wizard wands / staffs / mob weapons

I will provide reference images and guide you through what I want. (but I also leave a lot of creative freedom for those who need it).

The game is all in low poly style ( similar style to Vesteria )

Example of what I am looking for


The initial payment is:

  • 2000 R$ - 3000 R$ / armor (clothes)
  • 1000 R$ - 2000 R$ / wand (staff)
    I am willing to negotiate on the price if you feel it’s not right.

If you work fast and hard you have the potential to make over 100k R$ / month

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum @DevLuka or via Twitter at: x.com

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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