[CLOSED]Looking for a one-builder to build in airport in 3 days

About Us

Hello! I am the scripter at Delta Airlines. I do much of the development, and the founders are @ItzFreshX and @Bestinhop23, and our chief financial officer is, well, I don’t actually know his username for roblox at the moment, because it doesn’t really matter because we only need to communicate over discord for right now.

About The Job

We are in need of a one-time builder to build an airport. Details will be given on what we are looking for in discord. We will be expecting an airport that is nice, neat, and is easy to script (use corresponding names for parts in the airport to what their function is and what they do, try to snap to grid for everything you can, etc. because I will be scripting it after it is ready, and you are paid.

We are on a very tight schedule, and need to have this airport done and ready to be shipped as a .rbxl file in a max of 2-3 days. Try to update us on the situation every time you make some good progress; we want to see how it is going.


We are willing to pay $70 USD; this is a little bit negotiable, but this is the base price. 20,000 robux is equivalent to 70 if exchanged in DevEx, and if we pay through roblox, the money will lose value. So, if you can, try to pay through PayPal. If you can’t, the money might only add up to about 1 / 5 or even lower, so you won’t get compensated for your work as much :frowning:.

If you can use PayPal, I will give you a link to mine, since I am funding it. I will not be revealing my link until you are trusted, as I don’t want spam or random messages. If you are using roblox, I will buy a shirt you created and then send the robux over that way.

Money will be paid once we see that you have completed your work; once we review the airport and make sure everything is ready for use, we will pay you using one of these methods.

Contact Us

[URGENT] PLEASE try to contact us as soon as you can, because we have very limited time.

You can contact me at my discord username:


Oh, and if you can, reply to this post saying you are going to contact, because then I will be more on the lookout for you, and make sure to leave your discord tag.

Thanks for reading this post, and we hope you have a nice day :+1:

Update: This is now closed, you can look at the solution to see who was hired. We will be working with him. If he fails his task, however, and something goes wrong, we might be able to get someone else, so that is that. Thanks for all of the applicants!

Ill get in touch! (30characters)

Thanks. I hope to be hearing from you soon.

Hey uh, unfortunately I am on discord mobile, and I know this is stupid, but I don’t know how to accept friend requests on mobile. Can you send me your tag? @WSSI

here it is discord: wssiRobloxDev#7408

I am very interested.
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@DominusInfinitus My tag is Dev#4731, contact me and I get possibly get the job done in around 1-2 days maybe less depending on my schedule.

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