(closed)Looking for builder/scripter for my obby

About me

Hi there! I am a modeler and try to script my dream is to one day make a successful game or at least make it be on the game page on roblox.

About job

I am seeking for a nice and good builder that could build me a big obby bigger then the biggest obby out there in roblox and script it. I want my obby to be the biggest and largest obby in roblox and it helps people by giving them robux this is not a scam I am actually doing it i want the builder/scripter to script it so like when a player hits a certant stage a gui pops up saying “You just earned 4 robux would you like to withdraw it or save it and if they” click withdraw then it tells them to join the group who created this obby and then after they join it and step 2 is to wait 1 min so the script could check if the player is on that stage and then if it is then it give 4 robux to that player. If they click save then a button comes on the side of there screen and it stays there for ever so if the player has save enough robux then they click on the button and it shows how much robux they have and then they click withdraw and then all that process happens again.


I will pay in robux and we could discuss a price about it.


You can contact me here on developer forum or my discord syed1235t#4365

Thank you


Even if this is actually real, I’m pretty sure it’s against Roblox’s ToS anyways.

Doesn’t seem like any of these apply to your case, and though I’m not a scripter, I don’t think it’s possible to transfer robux through a game.

Against the terms, you’re not allowed to give out Robux.

Pretty sure this is against the Tos but if its not, I wouldn’t recommend this.
People could easily exploit and take all your robux.

You psychically can not code a script in roblox to give players robux in game. You can program a script to take away robux, not give, good luck with this project and think more about it next time.

BTW~ A little insight for building a game, this has been done 100’s of times, think of a game that is more original. If you want a front page game it will not be an obby.

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