(Closed)Looking for Group Logo Designer

I am looking for someone who can design a group logo for my group.
(This group if you’re interested)

I basically want the first two images below converted into the last evil duck image, taking the beak and eyes off the first one (So it’s not sad) and putting it in a view like the second one. I’d like a 250x250 for a standard profile image and the 256x256 group logo size one. I don’t know how upscaling or downscaling works but I don’t know for sure if I’ll need it in the future or not.

First Two


Final Mona Lisa Artwork


To clarify, the third one is an example of what it could look like, not the actual logo I had done.

Further ideas will be greatly appreciated (Might be too plain, I don’t want to downgrade), my preferred method of contact is replying below or messaging me, but my discord is gamerobotjimmy#6148.

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