[CLOSED][NOT HIRING] Hiring Builder+Programmer For Escape Room Game

About The Project
The game is an escape room. The base game will have 10 maps, and more will be built throughout updates. In the lobby, you have to select the map you want to play in, then once you select the map, you will be teleported to it. Users must find 5 keys to escape the room. As there will be other plays in that map, you have to make sure that only you can get through, and you will only be allowed through the door when you have found the 5 keys. Once you escape the room, you will be awarded 25 points, and be teleported to the lobby. Points will allow players to buy special upgrades and cool items from the shop.

The Team
@MrDurpy01- UI + Project Leader
@VACANT- Scripter
@VACANT- Builder

Developers Jobs

*Scripter/Programmers Job:
-Points system
-Programming UI’s
-Picking up keys
-5 keys required to open door
-Only the one player will be able to go through the door

Builders Job:
-Build the 10 maps
-Build The Lobby
(In every map, there will be the door players have to escape through, you will be responsible for building that)
–If you are interested in being the builder, you will receive more information about the maps–

We are paying in percents:
Builders Percentage: 20-30%
Programmers Percent: 25-30%
The rest of the revenue will go towards hiring contractors and advertising the group.

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or Discord:

Discord -
Developer Forum - @MrDurpy01

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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