[CLOSED][R$2,000 - R$5,000] Clueless: Searching for minigame builders

newLogo Minigame Map Builder

Pay: R$2,000 - R$5,000 per map

SteadyOn Games is looking for minigame map builders for Clueless, these maps must be the right size to fit into the hole in the lobby (see rbxm file):

sizes.rbxm (2.5 KB)

Currently I don’t have many ideas for minigames, but if you’re a builder, please do not hesitate to contact me and send examples. If you can’t think of any minigames looking at the current game right now, I’ll be sure to contact you the next time I have an idea for a map.

There are not any credits in-game to tell players who made the minigames, however, you will get the contributor rank in the group - and the promise that I will add credit at some point when I can figure out where to put it.


Payment for maps ranges from R$2,000 - R$5,000, most maps will lie somewhere between 2k and 3k, however for more complex maps I can pay up to 5k. There is no scripting involved.


Here on the devforums, or on discord SteadyOn#0001
The devforums are the preferred method of communication.

Please introduce yourself as wanting to apply for this, and send some pictures as examples. This makes it easier for me to go through the messages as it wastes time for me to ask each person to send examples of previous builds.

Thankyou, and I look forward to any interest in this opportunity.


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