[CLOSED][Scripters] Looking for a Scripter/Developer to Collaborate with!

Hello! I’m TheDCraft, a UI designer, Builder, Graphics desinger and a can do a bit of modelling. I’m looking for a developer to collaborate with, and to make interesting games that players will enjoy. We’ll be working one on one, just you and me, without the clutter of large developer teams. I also think we’ll be able to finish some projects as it is just us two, progress may be slow but we’ll be determined!

I require the following from you:
• You must be skilled at scripting, you also must know how to script UI. This is the most important thing I need!
• A registered Discord account, that is the way we will be contacting each other.
• You must be 13 years or older, per Discord and Roblox Terms of Service.
• Good communication skills, politeness, and kindness.
• 1 year of more of experience.
• And of course, being online often so we can check on each other and see progress.

(These are optional, but if you do meet these requirements, you have a higher chance of being accepted!)

• Great grammar and punctuation skills!
• You’ve already completed a game with another developing team, and that game is mildly successful or more.
• You have a lot of credibility and have a high trust level!
• You know how to work with large communities and manage them.

Here’s a little run-down of what will happen after you get accepted:

• We’ll begin with a small simple project that doesn’t require a lot of work to get us started, such as an obby with interesting mechanics or something other.

• After we finish with that project, we’ll think of some ideas for our next game, which should be a pretty hefty project to gain some traction in the Roblox community.

• We’ll work on this big project for a while, and after release we could have some down time, and think of more ideas for the future. At this stage, we may hire some short-term developers to help us with things us two can’t do.

Since this job is just us two working on games, so we’ll split all profit made in half. I’ll get 50%, and you’ll get 50%. Sounds fair, right?

Please reply to this post with your Discord tag so I know to accept you.
Disocrd account: TheDCraft#1427

Thank you for reading, I am excited to be working with you!


Sent you a friend request, I’m Schedency#7648.

Interested! I am sure working with you would be an amazing experience! You can add me on Discord, zane_#0001 .

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