[CLOSED]Scripting Obby (Save/Load)

About The Job

I am looking for someone to help me script an obby, just the save and loading.


Will be discussed on discord.

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You can contact me on discord:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Just look this up. Seriously, I don’t know much about DataStores, but look it up on YT and you’ll be able to make this within 2 hours (if it’s stage saving and loading you’re talking about.)

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You don’t have to pay for this just look up on youtube.


Can you give an idea on how much payment is? I’m not interested in the job, but people are going to want to work for the pay, and you don’t give a range on how much it could be

people need to stop worrying about pay and enjoy making games, times have changed so much, i will just do it myself.

I mean its kind of a big reason to become a Roblox developer. If you want to do it yourself then go ahead.


will do mate. (30charsssssssss)

May want to put closed on the post if you’re no longer looking for a scripter, good luck with your project!

Uh, it is mainly a job. By job you get money. Also you can do a job with Passion but also getting paid. Nowadays everything has its own price. Also as everyone else said, search it up. (Also you can copy it from roblox obby template)

You can just simply google it. Here are some tutorials by AlvinBlox I found in like 10 seconds:

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