[CLOSED][SHORT TERM] [GROUP FUNS] Pet Maker needed Urgently

Pet Modeler or Maker needed to make 30-40 high quality unique pets.
Payment will be around 5k robux but can be raised if your work is very good! I tried making the pets but I am useless at it!
Add me on discord Finbxb#4929.
Please be 13+ and be able to make some cool pets :slight_smile:
Thank you!

I donโ€™t think 3k is fair for 40 high quality and unique models. I would ask for less models or just raise the price.

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Oh okay aha, will do!

30 charsssssssssssssssss

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Would you say that 5000 is more appropriate?

Yeah I think 5000 is a good deal.

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Good good aha, :slight_smile:

30 charssssssss

Can you provide any references to what youโ€™re looking for?

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Hmm, I guess just a few normal animal pets but also like the cool dominus, glowing lightning effect kind of pets.
Around the lines of this

I believe the minimum you should be paying for these kind of pets is atleast 15k for 40, keep in mind these players spend a good amount of their day creating the assets and to me 5k sounds awfully cheap

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