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About us

Hi there! We are a development team that decide to launch a mind blowing game and this is for all those racers and drivers out there well hopefully it blows you guys minds.


@syed1235t Founder/Owner
@lukeskywalker2142 Builder/Co-Owner
@hoopdaloop Builder/Co-Owner
@You Modeler
@Username Scripter
@Username Scripter


We are looking for a experienced modeler that could model cars and at least make one car in like 5 hours you will also be modeling some other small assets and we will also provide images of the cars and assets.


We will pay the modeler funds we could discuss how much maybe weekly or bi-weekly like maybe 1-2k robux every week or something and plus 10% game percentage.


You could contact me here on developer forum or on discord syed1235t#4365

Thank you

Just make your prices HIGHER! Your prices are so LOW!

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