(Closed)We need a scripter for hire (dont just read the title read the whole thing)

About Us/ The job

Hey and thank you for stopping by me and my team members are looking for a advanced scripter that could script us a car customization shop we already have the model but i want it so like there is only one section not like 10 of them with different colors one section that when you go in it a gui pops up and there are different colors on the GUI to pick and when the player picks a color it spawns the car with that color and spawns it like 10 studs away from the shop also it must work on any cars.


I will only pay in robux and i will give them 10% of my game revenue and 200 robuxs


You can contact me on via discord my discord username is 5656#8599

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

I can do that pm me please :slight_smile: 30 chars

hey whats your username


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