[CLOSSED] Looking for a Difficulty Chart Obby builder

WAZZUP! my game [SDCO] needs someone to help me buld.
Game: [🍂PART 1] [SDCO NEW VERSION] - Roblox

The game is still in development.
Payment: 199 robux
Message me / reply on the devfourm if you wish to apply!

Thanks for reading!

we are still working on:

  • Building (NOT DONE)
  • Autosave [DONE, but not added yet cause game is not done]
  • Skip Stage (Working on Product
  • Ui changes [NOT DONE]
  • And more!
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Sure! Add me at Attacky#0213 How many stages do you need.


dont have discord,
looking for about 2 more to finish ez stage

send me a pm so we can do it quickly

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@sharkefex are you gonna take my offer.


yes, sorry i was grinding in bgs

Its fine but I need half to be paid first if you dont mind

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can i see some of youyr work? so i have a idea of what it may look like?

sure but its med poly


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is it possible to make it fit my game. join it, ill be there

how much stages do you need? I’m interested

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well. you may have to wait. just got a guy/ so if he doesnt respond in a day ill hire you

i just want to know how many stages you need

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about 7 more. then i can do more for updates

and what difficulty are you at? can i see like 1 picture to see the style?

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well. im now on yellow join the game to see that style.
also i ment 10 not 7

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