Clothing Group Issue

I’m not sure if this is the right category but it’s the closest to right as I am gonna get.

So I’ve made a clothing group on Roblox about a week ago and uploaded clothes there, but it does not show to the Store page tab or the “See All” clothing page.

All the clothes are there and uploaded it’s just not showing there which others cannot see. I was gonna advertise the group and get sales but now I’m not as there’s no point because others can’t see the clothing.

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Have you enabled them for sale? This can be found in the “Configure” menu, and under “Sales”.

Yes I did enable them all for sale

Are you sure you uploaded them under “Group Creations” and not “My Creations”?

Try looking around for any topic related to that what is presumed to be a bug:

If it doesn’t exist yet, contact DevForum | Roblox.

Yes, I’ve posted as group creations and not my creations

Try looking at what @Operatik - is there a similar bug reported? If not, quickly screenshot and link the shirt here so I can quickly see if it’s fine on my end (and therefore potentially a cache/local bug) and then submit the report.