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Alright so I didn’t know where to post this but it has something to do with group clothes so I put it here. So I work for a clothing group and the owner of the group tried to add a reoccurring payout a few months ago. It has been about 3 months and neither of us have gained any robux. He is wondering what is happening and why it isn’t working so I decided to try and find out here. Can anyone help?

I think your group might not be making any robux

We have over 500 robux. I’ll send a screenshot, just a sec.

and just saying your supposed to post this in website bugs

Oh, I never saw that topic. Also we have 415 funds.

then post this in website bugs

Oh ok sorry I don’t know where that is

This isn’t a bug all clothing purchases are automatically set to go to the group.

To give yourself the robux, you will have to go inside the group revenue and give yourself the robux through one-time payout.

I had the same problem with reoccurring payouts but in my case I was the only one receiving them so it didn’t matter that much to me, just use a calculator or something if theres more than a couple recipients

Check your transactions!

I have, I haven’t received anything from the group except for a 25 robux payout (which was about something else)

Can you show a screenshot of your transactions?

I also recommend changing your title so it fits the topic.

Reoccurring robux payments only work for games, clothing sales do not get automatically paid out.
If you do want to get paid out, the group owner has to do it manually.


Here, the Wing of Fire is the group I’m talking about. All the other transactions are from other groups.

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Oh okay, I’ll tell him that.