Clothing (Shirt / Pants) on server generated rigs sometimes does not render on client

I am finding that some clients in my experience cannot see clothes applied on rigs until the rig is destroyed and recreated. This appears to happen when the rig is created far from the client’s character then abruptly brought to a position close to the character.

Essentially, this rendering issue is causing some clients to see these NPC’s as empty rigs with no clothes.

So far, have tried forcing preloading of all clothes like so:

local function preload(asset)
	if not asset then return end 
	local id = nil
	if asset:IsA("Shirt") then
		id = asset.ShirtTemplate
	elseif asset:IsA("Pants") then
		id = asset.PantsTemplate
	if not id or preloadedAssets[id] then return end
	ContentProvider:PreloadAsync({ asset })
	preloadedAssets[id] = true

-- Bindable fires every time a new dummy is created

However, this does not appear to solve the issue entirely. Are there any other ways to control the rendering of Shirt / Pants assets that I am missing?