Cloud Edit Kicking players via command bar

It appears that by running: game.Players.PlayerName:Remove() in the command bar during cloud editing removes the ability for a player to interact with the world. Similar to the old banning scripts.

But can they re connect, or are they “banned” forever?

They can indeed reconnect. Though, I imagine you could just run a command that kicks them every time they join.

When you remove their Player object, you’re essentially disconnecting them. This is how older administration commands worked, and is intentional as far as I know.

Doesn’t seem like a bug at all.

They disabled Kick and deleting the player instance through the context menu in the explorer, so I assume the intent was to prevent people from removing other players. If that was their goal, then what was mentioned in the OP may be something they want to prevent as well.

What? Of course that’s a bug. It serves absolutely no purpose except to grief. It’s not like random people can join your cloud edit session.

I do not believe they purposely disable it, you can’t call Kick from a client on another player in any games, regardless of filtering.