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Aquarium Update: July

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Art Contest

Update 1.13 (6/14/2020)

:new: 18 New Pets
:new: Fan Art Board
:new: Events List Board

Update 1.12.3 (6/8/2020)

:new: New Music
:new: Character Dialog Art
:new: Watercolor Transition

Update 1.12.2 (6/1/2020)

:new: Invite Friends from In-Game
:new: Pet Shop Sign
:gear: Fixed going over the backpack limit.
:gear: Fixed any fridge piece completing the quest.
:gear: Fixed item duplication.
:gear: Fixed multiple boat despawn timers appearing.

Update 1.12.1 (5/22/2020)

:new: Lock Inventory Items from being sold.
:new: Added ‘Fusion Barrel’ (Gem) Backpack
:new: Added ‘Explosive Barrel’ (Coin) Backpack
:new: Added ‘Hiking Bag’ (Coin) Backpack
:new: Added ‘Delivery Box’ (Coin) Backpack
:new: Double XP Weekend Events
:gear: Fixed Raygan quest not working.

Update 1.12 (5/18/2020)

:new: New Mythic Rod - “Crystal”
:new: New Mythic Rod - “Phantom”
:new: New Legendary Rod - “Ice”
:new: New Epic Rod - “Egyption”
:new: New Epic Rod - “Elixir”
:new: New Rare Rod - “Musket”
:new: New Uncommon Rod - “Croquet”
:new: New Common Rod - “Paint Roller”
:new: New Atmosphere at Each Island
:new: New Raygan Gem Quest
:new: Xbox Sunken Ship Popup
:new: Added Level 400 Tag.
:wrench: New details to Port Jackson.
:wrench: Removed (2) Reel Speed from Umbrella Rod.
:wrench: Added (3) Rarity Chance to Palmtree Rod.
:wrench: Added (5) Rarity Chance to Bone Rod.
:wrench: Added (5) Reel Speed and Removed (1) Strength from Sword Rod.
:wrench: Added (5) Hook Speed and (5) Reel Speed to Lava Rod.
:wrench: Added (5) Hook Speed and (5) Strength to Star Rod.
:wrench: Added (5) Hook Speed to Sakura Branch Rod.
:wrench: Added (3) Reel Speed to Tulip Rod.
:wrench: Changed Login Reward time to 16 hours.
:wrench: Made Login Reward able to be displayed again.
:wrench: Capped Gem Login Reward at 1000 Gems per day.
:gear: Fixed Orca health display.
:gear: Fixed Moby flinging boats.
:gear: Fixed Star Fragments being lost.
:gear: Fixed Topbar of UI due to roblox update.
:gear: Fixed Deckards shop having no music.

Update 1.11.3 (5/10/2020)

:new: Added new Red Neon Shark.
:new: Added new Blue Neon Orca.
:new: Added new Daily Login Bonus.
:wrench: Buffed Shark and Orca reward price.
:wrench: Swapped Legion and Gemstone spear descriptions.
:gear: Fixed Data Recovery tool not being openable.

Update 1.11 (5/5/2020)

:new: Added new Jetski.
:new: New customizable horns.
:new: Added “Sun Priest” Spear (Coins).
:new: Added “Orc Spear” (Coins).
:new: Added “Long Spear” (Coins).
:new: Added “Dragonbane” Spear (Coins).
:new: Added “Pharaoh” Spear (Coins).
:new: Added “Black Knight” Spear (Coins).
:new: Added “Lancers Javelin” Spear (Gems).
:new: Added “Gemstone” Spear (Gems).
:new: Added “Legion” Spear (Gems).
:new: Added “Genie” Spear (Gems).
:add: Added a currency fly effect when buying color packs.
:add: Added “Jaded Crystal” Spear (Gems).
:wrench: Reduced Moby health by half.
:wrench: Doubled the reward price of Moby’s drops.
:wrench: Updated loading screen.
:wrench: Improved content creation process.
:wrench: Changed “Pink Colors” to “Candy Colors” and added proper pinks.
:gear: Fixed Mobile changing to PC layout on reset.
:gear: Fixed credits menu being invisible.
:gear: Fixed Xbox not being able to select color menu on maxed equipped boats.
:gear: Fixed Shadow Isles Main and Side quest.
:gear: Fixed Nalani’s Quest.
:gear: Fixed having two spears.
:gear: Fixed not being able to select same color as already equipped between “Ghost” and “Neon” packs.
:gear: Fixed lamboat’s right propeller.
:gear: Fixed Neon Gray being white due to roblox rendering.
:gear: Fixed maze bypass.

Update 1.10 (4/28/2020)

:new: You can now customize your boats with multiple colors.
:new: Boats now have particles.
:new: New analytics for tracking economy changes for developers.
:new: Added a new Boat.
:gear: Fixed GUI and Chat disappearing after respawn when viewing shops.
:gear: Fixed an issue where boats controls got stuck going in reverse when pressing ESC.
:gear: Fixed pressing H while on the boat bringing up Data Recovery.
:gear: Fixed swimming while fishing.
:gear: Fixed falling flippers and backpacks.
:gear: Fixed distance bugs such as walking from chats causing errors.
:gear: Fixed Raygan refusing to display quest list.
:gear: Fixed chest making an odd sound when you throw a spear at it.
:gear: Fixed mission #2 in the tutorial not working.
:gear: Fixed warping boats around the map and in the sky.
:gear: Fixed fast falling/Fast swimming via spear glitch.
:gear: Fixed Boat Orb not working.
:gear: Fixed Not Catching Fish (Port Jackson).
:gear: Fixed Yellow Tang swimming backwards.
:skull: Fixed Exploit for Upgrading from Outside the Shop.

Update 1.9.5 (4/28/2020)

:gear: Fixed updates button not being selectable on Xbox
:gear: Fixed decorations menu not working on Xbox
:gear: Fixed camera drifting when editing auarium on Xbox
:gear: Fixed player walking around during aquarium edit mode on Xbox

Update 1.9.4 (4/21/2020)

:wrench: Made player icon size in the map smaller.
:gear: Fixed issue where eggs were missing in the aquarium.
:gear: Fixed tutorial’s 2nd Mission for selling to caster not working with “Sell Everything”
:gear: Fixed cash not updating when using “Sell Everything”
:gear: Fixed duplicate rods in backpack

Update 1.9.1 (4/17/2020)

:new: New server leaderboards for current players’ stats.
:new: New title boards seeing unlockable titles.
:new: Added a popup to leaderboards to show your current rank.
:new: Added a loading screen.
:new: Added an update log to the menu (this).
:new: Added music to volcano obby.
:wrench: Updated the Volcano Obby layout to be easier on all devices.
:wrench: Removed Fountain and replaced it with Palm tree and leaderboards.
:wrench: Updated all shop signs to be neon.
:wrench: Decorated Port Jackson.
:gear: Fixed weekly leaderboards not resetting.
:gear: Fixed achievements not being completed after having the badge.
:gear: Fixed backpack limit not preventing holding more fish.
:gear: Fixed center of mass for TNT.
:gear: Fixed round price visual for Caster.
:gear: Fixed an issue where fishing wasn’t working at Eruption Island.
:gear: Fixed missing seafloor parts around Port Jackson.
:gear: Fixed an issue where selling was not giving the correct amount of currency.
:gear: Fixed roses having a hitbox.
:gear: Fixed seeing multiple Lungfish in the Fish Index.
:gear: Fixed an issue where you were not able to remove your fish from the aquarium.
:gear: Fixed being unable to enter rooms after resetting in the aquarium.
:gear: Fixed variation colors on Flounder.
:gear: Fixed light puzzle at desert not always working.
:gear: Fixed cave spawning every fish in the game.
:gear: Fixed Ancient Shores puzzle.
:gear: Fixed balloon teleport glitch.
:gear: Fixed islands still having locks on them.
:skull: Patched the Wooden Rod Selling Exploit.
:skull: Patched Auto Clicker for spears