Cloudcaution's Builder Portfolio

About Me

Hiya. My name is Ben (cloudcaution), a Builder on the ROBLOX platform. A bit about me:

  • I’ve been building for 5 years
  • I’m a Developer for RoTalent (formerly RGT)
  • I’m also proficient in HTML & CSS.
  • I own an artificial intelligence provider (Lightning Systems)


I’ve attached a few screenshots of some of my work below.


This usually depends on my current situation. For example, exam season will bring reduced availability. However, usually, I’m available for a few hours most days of the week and will sure to keep you updated.


Prices are negotiable, currently, my preferred payment method is GBP/USD (other forms of currency are fine).

Extra Notes

I’m currently only accepting short-term commissions due to my time frame and preferred work flow.


You can contact me via Discord at Ben#9651.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Great builder. Always puts effort into his builds. Would recommend. :blush:

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