Cloudy days in-game

Hello developers,

I’m looking to create a sunny/cloudy day system, however I want to make it the best system possible. I need the clouds to fade in and out as the weather variable rises and falls.

My ideal solution would be some kind of way to blend between a sunny skybox and a cloudy skybox. If that can’t happen, I could perhaps use cloud meshes in some ways, but I’m not sure what’s the best way to do it. Have clouds roll in? Have a set of static clouds become opaque?

If you have some suggestions on how to execute this, please reply below!


I would use mesh parts for something like this.

You could then make some sort of table like so…

local WeatherSettings = {
	['Stormy'] = 10 -- Something to determine how many clouds or the transparency of these clouds.

return WeatherSettings

Then you could just fade in the clouds based off what type of weather condition it is.


I think it’d be much less obtrusive if the cloud meshes slowly faded in.

What Jailbreak does is just make cloud meshes fade in, and I think play with the ambience settings.

You can’t procedurally generate skyboxes, so you will probably need to make a custom skybox if you want to have a cloudy skybox fade in.