Clowndust Crusaders

Welcome to Clowndust Crusaders! I’m Flip, Kakyoin’s long lost brother. This is a Destined Heritage gang. Interested in joining?!/about
To assure you don’t get banned or demoted, read all the rules below and make sure to follow them.

The Rules

Here at clowndust crusaders, we don’t condone harassments to any other gangs or gang members. No gang member shall harm another gang member. Should you be caught attacking another gang member, no matter what you will be kicked out. Begging for ranks is also not allowed. Just be active and you get to rank up. If you are caught breaking any destined heritage rules, you will be kicked out without hesitation, and the same goes for this gang. If you are a influencer (Twitch streamer, youtuber etc.) DM me or any other admins who’s DM’s are open on discord including a link to your channel. You must have at least 1,000 subscribers. Cursing, bypassing the chat filter, breaking any of roblox’s official rules are a serious offence, which is an immediate blacklist. In order to become anything higher than a ‘Beta Clown’ you must own the Uniform. If you’re reading this and the uniform is still not out, then it doesn’t matter but keep that in mind when it does come out. These rules are subject to change at any time so make sure you constantly read the rules!

How to rank up

Be active, and go to a tryout session for the rank above yours.