Club Dynasty Information

Club Dynasty Information

Section Index

  1. Overview
  2. General Information
  3. Important Commands
  4. Map Features

1 ► Overview

Welcome to Club Dynasty, a defender-sided raid/defense facility. This facility has been developed with user experience in mind, the facility has free private servers for anyone to use. We built Club Dynasty to be completely modular and framework-based, making the creation of new maps incredibly simple- with this being said I’d like to introduce Iris-Core. Iris-Core or Ivy is a cross-game, cloud-based system that handles all of Iris’ players & facility security. Ivy will save your player & progression data across all facilities so when you purchase an item at one game; you’ll have it at all Iris facilities.

Club Dynasty is Iris’ first facility for public use.

2 ► General Information

Upon activating your private server you will be given the ‘Creator’ admin level. You can set/remove admins as you wish, they will save throughout sessions. Club Dynasty is a two-stage terminal; stage 1 is a 250s insta-rollback, while stage 2 is a 700s -2/second rollback. Club Dynasty is a nightclub built into a large cave network on one of Iris’ occupied planets in the far reaches of the galaxy. The advised ratio of this map is 3:5.

  • Important: Iris does not accept prefloods, if you wish to schedule an event with Iris you should contact the current warfare commander (n/a) or an Administration member.

3 ► Important Commands

  • Official
    Alias: start, official
    Description: Starts the raid terminal
  • Unofficial
    Alias: end, unofficial
    Description: Ends the raid terminal
  • Setleader
    Alias: setleader
    Usage: <player> <team>
    Description: Sets the raid leader of a set team
  • Setgroup
    Alias: setgroup
    Usage: <team> <groupId>
    Description: Sets the group of the set team
  • Enablebarriers
    Alias: enablebarriers, enablezone, zoneon
    Description: Turns on the restricted area map barriers
  • Disablebarriers
    Alias: disablbarriers, disablezone, zoneoff
    Description: Turns off the restricted area map barriers

All commands can be seen using the following command;

  • Commands
    Alias: cmds, commands, commandlist

4 ► Map Features

Club Dynasty incorporates features that have never been seen before in the Roblox clanning community. This section will go over the basic and most pressing game aspects. All of these features can be enabled/disabled via the admin system.


Club Dynasty has a camera system that anyone can use, accessible via the console in the security office. These cameras can be shot out and temporarily disabled for 60 seconds. Cameras show a bright blue flashing indicator showing the camera is being actively viewed by one or more users.

Breaching Equipment

Club Dynasty has multiple surfaces that can be breached using the “Breach Charge” tool. Once a surface has been breached it can be used for travel or combat-related activities, only hostiles can obtain breaching equipment.

Hack Minigame

Club Dynasty has a Warframe-style hacking minigame to gain access to certain parts of the map. Generated at random to create a simple minigame, the lock-out timer adds a little difficulty to the game- finish the puzzle before you get locked out for 30 seconds!

Restricted Area & Map Barriers

To keep players in the map & playable area without annoying invisible walls Club Dynasty has map barriers that alert you that you’ve left the play area, after 5 seconds you will die.

General User Interface & Custom Admin

Club Dynasty features a completely custom admin system with all the necessary commands needed to run your server with confidence.