Club game feedback

Hey, I’ve just finished work on a small game I’ve been working on for the past couple days as a passion project type thing and was hoping to get some feedback. I’ve only recently wanted to make my work more accessable for actual games.

The game is based of a London based night club with two main rooms to go to. It isn’t the largest club game, compared to the others that is.

Any feedback will be amazing.
P.S: The scripting is shoddy as most of it is from youtube tutorials and given scripts from friends, so try not to be too harsh on that part lol.

Link to game:The Sub Level V2 - Roblox


You should post some screenshots in case people can’t join right now, you’ll likely get more feedback.

Amazing modeling!

However, you need to make all starter characters a certain size, because mine can not fit down the stairs!

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Had a weird shadow bug happen, never seen it before hence why I’m pointing it out:

The game itself feels a little boring but maybe it’s because I was by myself, I like the building and all that’s included although some stuff needs a little polishing:

And like @CheezBoy27 said,

Had to change my character to check the downstairs out.

Yeah I’ll change up that stairs to fit all avatars. Gameplay wise it’s a social game so that would make sense. Thanks for the in depth feedback though, I’ll get work to polishing.