CO owner needed CAFE

About Us

Hello, im jack. I am opening a new cafe and we need help!

About The Job

I am in need of a CO - Owner for my Café group. You will be required to have the following: At least some robux, good communication skills, great people skills. You also need to be friendly and experienced. In this role you will help me with a lot of tasks.


We are giving you special Co Owner perks. 20-30% when group starts. Robux after we profit. And much more.

Contact Us

You can contact us on discord, jackthehunter25#2649
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

O, I am interested but do you have to have 6k robux?

Id be preferred to have a few thousand.

Can i ask, What are you going to use those robux for?

Also i would like to apply but i don’t have that much robux =/

Sorry for slow reply, Im using for ads, development, Gfx and more.

Could i still apply even if i have about 16 robux?

If you can get a little more, yes. around 3k+

Can I apply? Please add me on discord, your tag won’t work.
-Jake-#8752 @WallHackJack_25

Well i am hoping to get around 5k robux at the end of the month so sure ill apply

Add me on discord: Elucidatory#9492

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For some people, i can see why the conditions, such as a mandatory 6,000 :robux:, seems quite extreme,
For information, people comes in Recruitment to gain revenues, unfortunately, your post asks the exact opposite for the starting point.

It isn’t forcely wrong and could eventually works out, but just saying that it might be hard to find someone like that, as providing funds is also being a "Investor"

Your best bet to find someone like that is to showoff your capability (and café progress?), so that people can trust your plans.


Okay message me soon 30 charaaaa

Okay thank you message me soon

Even as this post states for a Co-Owner position, this is still a investment related post. You are asking for a person to have a minimum amount of robux, which in turn you will get a % to earn your money back, with also holding capability’s to run a group.

Asking for investments is not allowed on the Forum. I suggest to take out the part about the robux and just offer a % smaller than what you offer, or to your liking.

Sent a fr, please reply.

30 char

Okay thank you ill do that in a sec.

Add me. :smile: I can’t contact you on discord. Your tag is umm? Wrong.i

I am interested. Discord - straw#6063

Whats your discord username? and tags

-Jake-#8752 is my tag. Add up.

Sent thanks for responding, 30 char