Coastal Cove Eateries Ordering System Tutorial

This is a temporary tutorial, once the final version of the system will have a tutorial included.

This guide will cover how to operate the ordering systems and some of its features that you might miss out on until you know they’re there.

How to operate the system

Step 1

Open the tool in your inventory and type in a user.

Click select next to their button and wait for their response

This is what you’ll see while waiting

This is what the customer sees

Step 2

Once they respond, the primary UI should show up. The name of the customer will be at the top of the screen.

To select an item, click the category and then select the item from the list on the bottom. For example, if we select the “Drinks” category, we will be shown the following:

Clicking the item will add it to the cart

Keep in mind, if you hover over an item on the “Order” section it will show 2 buttons. A “+” and a “-”. The plus will add an item of that type, and the plus removes one. If you remove all items from one type, it will disappear. This is helpful when the customer asks for an item that is already added to the cart.
On the computer, the “+” and “-” will show when you hover over with your cursor. On mobile, you click on the item once to show and another to hide.


Step 3

Once the customer is done ordering you click “Print Receipt” at the top right corner. Once you click this it will take some time to load but after it loads it will send you to the final screen.


On the final screen, you’ll be shown the stats for that order.

Once you’re done, click “Complete Order” and you’ll go back to the main screen.

End of quickstart tutorial

Can I drag the GUI?

You sure can, the GUI is draggable.

Can I cancel the order?

If the customer accepted your order, then you'll find the "Cancel Order" button in the primary UI, above the categories and left of the item list.

What if the customer leaves?

If the customer leaves, you'll go to the final screen automatically. You will receive the work points for the time you worked.