[CoC] Code of Conduct (Baqo Cafe)


Baqo Cafe Code of Conduct (CoC)
Last updated: 05.15.2021


Attire (everyone)
You’ll need to wear appropriate clothing within Baqo Cafe, and anywhere else related to Baqo Cafe, including allies. This is so we can show a better image of ourselves, and make sure that our allies know that we are professional. Not wearing appropriate attire will result in a warning; you will be asked to change in-game, and will be given 1 minute to do so. Refusing to change, or taking longer than 1 minute will result in a kick. With this being said, always make sure to wear something appropriate before going into Baqo Cafe games, or our allies’ games.

Drama (Staff)
Causing drama in our game, in our allies’ game, or causing drama in Baqo Cafe, and Baqo Cafe allies’ Discord will result in a warning/demotion, depending on the situation. We do not want to cause toxic-ness in any way or form, so please follow this rule. This should apply to everyone, but this is more towards Baqo Cafe workers. This is because we want allies, and future allies to see us as a company that’s professional, not a company with immaturity roaming within it’s staff.

Kindness/respectfulness (everyone)
This applies to the ‘Drama’ rule, but this one applies to everyone. It doesn’t hurt anyone to be kind, and respectful. The PR team will always attempt to keep our workers kind and respectful, so our customers can receive great service. But in return, we ask guests and customers to do the same: be kind and respectful.

Grammar (Staff)
Grammar is mandatory for all staff, from LRs-SHRs. It is recommended that PRs use grammar, but they’re not required for them. Not using grammar will result in a warning, and a demotion if you refuse to. Using proper grammar helps you increase your chance of getting promoted, as it shows professionalism.

Made by Fede1212156
Approved by the Presidential Team