Cocoa 2.0 - Update 2.8 Changelog

:knife: Update 2.8 is Live!
Take a look below to see what’s featured!

What’s New?

:jack_o_lantern: Hallows Eve 2021!

  • Added Hallows Eve Event
    Collect ‘Candy’ from all maps and go to the ‘Event’ section in the Menu to purchase many vanity items. This event ends on November 15th. The menu has been redesigned to fit the spooky vibe as well!

:evergreen_tree: Chapter 8 Cutscene Makeover

  • We have remade the chapter 8 end cutscene! The remake includes, new ending outcome, better cutscene overall, and more!

:tickets: Season Pass Updates!

  • Extended Season 1 to November 10th
  • Added New Missions

:test_tube: New Vanity

  • 3 New Skins, 2 New Abilities, 5 New Tags

:trophy: Rewards

  • All currency rewards have been nerfed/tweaked.
    This is due to grinding becoming too easy!

:map: Interface

  • Reverted Shop UI
  • Revamped Intermission UI
  • Revamped Shop Backpack UI

:open_hands: Free Discounted Skins This Week

  • Rosemary
  • Sadie

- Patched Bugs