Cod zombies outbreak game. Looking for team 200$ starting offer per member


Hello I’m Wingedmaraduer7 I’m currently looking for a scripter and a builder to assist me in making a round based open world zombie game like cod zombies outbreak and quarantine z on Roblox. I will be the team lead in this project and a extra builder.

Team lead: @Wingedmaraduer7
Terrain editor:[Open]
Animator:/SFX [Open]
Character Designer/Gun designer:[Open]

once accepted you will be invited to group discord server.


-all positions should have a basic understanding of the reference game before hand: cod zombies outbreak, quarantine z on Roblox and dead space 2

-all positions must have good communication and teamwork.

-all positions require discord for communication

-all positions must be respectful to one another

-all positions must have some background experience in there field along with a portfolio

-all positions must have working PayPal to receive payments

-all positions should have experience working on FPS or zombie games


Upon completion when work is finished to my liking workers will receive money based of what we discuss individually. upon 50% completion of the game of of the money owned will be yours and the other half after the game is done.

contact me here on dev forum or on discord: wingedmarauder#5471


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