CodeCrafter Community Rules

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If you’re not a member of our community server, you can find our community rules on this board.

1 – General Rules

  • Respect each other. No teasing, bullying, threatening, etc.
  • No Nazi, racist, or pornographic content/comments.
  • Use respectful language, no vulgarity.
  • No raiding or distribution of private information/photos without consent.
  • No advertising outside of promotional channels.
  • Be considerate of people with conditions.
  • No comments/content with suicidal content.
  • Moderators can enforce rules and create their own if necessary.
  • Proper use of facilities and assistance.
  • Respect employees and their decisions.

2 – Game and products

  • No exploiting errors in the game.
  • Follow Roblox Community Guidelines and Terms.
  • No reselling or stealing our products.
  • We do not give resell permissions, and claimers of our models/systems will have their license revoked.
  • No leaking.

3 – Others

  • Follow Roblox Community Rules and Guidelines.
  • Follow Roblox Terms.
  • Follow the rules/guidelines/terms of all third-party services we use.

If we believe you’re violating the Rules/guidelines/Terms ect. , we will take action.

Last updated on: 2023-03-19T13:49:00Z

If you have any questions, believe someone has violated our rules/guidelines/terms, or need help with anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff. You can find the link to our communication server in the “Social Link” section of our group.

Best regards,
Team CodeCrafters

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